School of the Arts at Legacy Theater Company inspire creativity, confidence and a sense of community through the exploration and practice of theatre skills. Classes are built around creative dramatics, acting, musical theatre and improvisation. Professional teaching artists lead students through engaging, interactive sessions in theater. Our SOTA 2 classes are geared toward middle school students. We make the classes fun, exciting experiences that promote a range of important developmental skills: confidence, leadership, teamwork, and the creative “right brain” thinking recognized as critically important for success. 

Back by Popular Demand  . . . . WHOSE LINE, TEENS!

ABOUT SOTA: This session our students will focus on the skill of IMPROVISATION. Improvisational theatre is a fantastic tool in the drama classroom and one many teachers use. It helps students learn to react and respond to unexpected situations, and builds confidence and creative abilities. Improvisation is well-known as comedy and entertainment, but during the past decade it has grown as a method of teaching and learning as well, says Robert Kulhan, adjunct professor of business administration at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Improv enthusiasts rave about its educational value. Not only does it hone communication and public speaking skills, it also stimulates fast thinking and engagement with ideas. On a deeper level, improv chips away at mental barriers that block creative thinking — that internal editor who crosses out every word before it appears on a page — and rewards spontaneous, intuitive responses. Because improv depends on the group providing categorical support for every answer, participants also grow in confidence and feel more connected to others.  

IMPROVISATION and COMEDY will be the focus of study as the children present their very own “WHOSE LINE?” an evening devoted to improv and comedy as our students demonstrate all they have learned in their classes.  At Legacy, when we teach our students, we want our parents & community to see the result of their hard work and exactly where your dollars go. We want you to know what we teach, how we teach and we want you to stand in awe as your child comes alive on stage in front of hundreds of people discovering talents they may have never thought they had. This Fall, our young actors will show you what they have learned and how far their little imaginations take them as we present “WHOSE LINE? For Teens!".  

WHEN: SOTA 2 and 3 will meet at the same time this session. ALL STUDENTS ages 11-16 will meet on Thursdays from 4pm-6pm. Classes start on Thursday, September 7.  We will be finishing with our final production on Thursday, October 26.  We meet for 8 weeks on Thursdays.

COST: Cost for the 8 week training is $200 per child ($180 active-duty military/multiple child discount). The price includes all instruction, professional head shots, photos, a video of their performance and a big cast party on the final day of class. 

REGISTRATION: Class size is limited as we desire to give students as much one on one instruction as possible.  All registration is done by calling 910-545-2296.  Registration and payment are due by September 1, 2017.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 910-545-2296. Space is limited.