ABOUT THE SHOW:  It is the weekend of the Fifth Annual All-American Bake Off being held this year in beautiful Bolder, Colorado. All are buzzing with excitement as this year's teams will compete in front of a live studio audience to win the much prized "Golden Whisk" and $100 thousand dollars.

The contestants will cook their hearts out for this years judges, the culinarily talented Bennett Brothers. Who will win this year?  The arrogant French Team, representing the Gulf Coast, committed to defending their three-year winning streak?  Perhaps it will be the Mother and Son team from the North East whose passion for cooking is almost as big as their loud and dynamic personalities.

Maybe it will be the Southern team . . . two Sassy Sisters from Georgia fighting to prove to the world that the South will rise again. Mix in a laid back team from California, two returning favorites from the Southwest, a pushy director, and two zany hosts and you have . . . . A RECIPE FOR MURDER in MURDER AT THE BAKE OFF!

WHO: We are looking for actors ages 18 and older who are good at portraying various characters and are team players. Please CLICK HERE for a full list of character descriptions. PLEASE NOTE, the descriptions have been revised!

WHEN: Monday, July 17th at 6:30pm.




REHEARSALS & PERFORMANCES:  All rehearsals and performances will be held at Legacy Theater Company * 2442 Onslow Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540.  Please CLICK HERE for a full list of rehearsals and performances. If you are going to miss a TECH Rehearsal or a SHOW NIGHT, you will not be able to be cast in this show. Missing more than two rehearsals will also prohibit you from being in this production.

AUDITION PREPARATION: To prepare for your audition, please plan a one minute cooking presentation in a character from the list above. You don't actually need to cook! Feel free to use your creativity in creating your character and presentation. Think "Food Network Star" teaching someone how to make a dessert. Have fun with it and if you have questions about what to prepare, please ask in the registration form below. There will also be cold readings from the script at auditions. 

REGISTER: Due to space and time constraints, please fill out the registration form below. 

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