About Us

The Legacy Theater Company has a simple mission. We are a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization whose purpose is to enrich, educate, and entertain our diverse community by providing a superior theatre experience. We strive to bring LOVE, TALENT and CULTURE to our community through a positive artistic experience.

President, Erika Hose, was trained on Long Island in New York. Being so close to New York City gave Erika the opportunity to learn and sharpen her skills in the greatest city, for live theater, in the world. Holding a BS in Music Education from Hofstra University and a MA in Writing and Literature from StonyBrook University, Erika excelled in music and live theater and has performed on some of the great New York stages, including Carnegie Hall. Erika’s desire is to bring live theater to Jacksonville, NC and the Crystal Coast utilizing the unique skills and gifts in the community. Therefore, in 2010, The Legacy Theater Company was born.

We have created a community theater, a School of the Arts for students to perform after school in a safe and nurturing setting, a School of Film and numerous other programs that make Legacy a very special place to be. 

Legacy Theater Company (LTC) is organized and operated under North Carolina State law as a 501(c)3 non profit entity exclusively for educational, entertainment and community purposes; and to promote enjoyment, education, and volunteer participation in community theater and the performance arts.

Through the funding from ticket sales and donations, LTC produces quality shows with the priceless assistance of community volunteerism. We strive to be family-friendly in all we do and a season of plays typically contains a series of dramas, comedies and musicals with something for everyone.